A dirty window is the first thing a Hotel Guest will notice

Maybe your hotel provides a fantastic offer of food, amenities and activities, but the customer won’t get to notice it if they don’t make it through the door.

The sleek appearance of your facility is highly important. If you are offering great views and bright rooms, you better make sure the windows are clean before the customer notices them.

One of the first things a customer will detect on its arrival at a hotel is whether is kept clean or not. Forget about uncomfortable mattresses, poor service or the absence of shampoo.

Guests are more likely to be put off by poor housekeeping. 

It doesn’t matter how luxurious your hotel is, if it’s not clean the overall experience will be rather negative.

How often should my windows be cleaned?

Hotel windows should be cleaned at least once a month, or every two weeks if they are placed next to a road.

However, the weather also plays a big role in this.

Heavy rain or snow can be one of the biggest challenges for hotel window cleaning, so this should also be considered.

Another factor to consider is fingerprints. With a lot of people in and out, you can imagine how many guests will leave their hands all over the glass when looking through it. And the last thing you need is the customer coming after them to notice those smudges.

In addition to guest bedroom cleaning, some of your housekeepers should also be responsible for cleaning other areas in the hotel, such as the inside of windows and glass areas.

Don’t lose customers over dirty windows

Windows have become prominent architectural building features. A lot of hotels, office blocks, warehouses and apartments now have a massive glass mosaic as their façade.

Could you imagine arriving at a big, luxurious building with dirty windows?

We can assure you that would end up being a juicy bad review for TripAdvisor!

Not only that, but a clean window will deliver a more premium, luxurious experience inside the building, making it bright and overall, providing a more pleasant experience.

If you are looking to hire a window cleaning service that will provide both consistent quality and a good value for money, contact us for a free quote for your business!