4 reasons why your business needs clean windows

There is huge value to maintaining clean windows. Regular window cleaning is important because it removes contaminants and pollutants. Many business owners are unaware of the value of keeping your windows clean.

Here are four of the most significant reasons to keep your windows cleaned on a regular basis:

Prevents Heat loss

Did you know clean windows can help to heat your premises and therefore reduce your heating bills? Now the dark, cold, and wet winter days have arrived, the heating is back on, and with soaring energy prices, bills will be rising. Excess dirt and grime build-up reflect the sun’s UV rays and therefore lose the heat generated by the sun. Regular window cleaning can improve your heat efficiency by harnessing the heat generated by the sun and therefore reducing your energy bills.

Gives A Good First Impression

Within 7 seconds first impressions are made, how your premises appears will influence a client’s view of your business immediately. If your windows are smeared with dirt, it will quickly give a poor first impression. Having clean windows will also improve your appeal and boost sales. Shop owners know visibility is key, a sparkling clear shop window front will entice customers and showcase your products.

Improve Air Quality

Clean windows are just important internally as externally.
Internally the dirt builds up and reduces the air quality. The winter months mean the heating is on and this, in turn, increases condensation which as a result produces mold. Mould is particularly troublesome as it poses a health threat, long-term exposure can lead to medical issues, resulting in staff sickness. Keeping your windows clean inside will your air clean and keep a healthy workforce.

Prevents Glass Degradation

Rain causes a build-up of debris, the combination of the hard water and acid concentration of rain damages glass. Particles enter the pores of the glass and corrode the windows; signs of the damage will appear as cracks and scratches. If your premises are located near roads the overspray from salting the roads in the colder months will also cause damage to the glass. Cleaning your windows regularly is cost-effective as it will lengthen the life of your windows.

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